A Defiantly Old Timey Blog

When I first started blogging for real, it was back in 2007 when it was a thing to blog under an adorable pseudonym. Most people, unless they were blog famous, did not publish under their actual name. Any pics were likely stock images.

And yet, behind that cloak of anonymity, people were real. Blogging was a place to be honest about your struggles and your successes. A place to be brave.

Things have changed. Now, when people blog, if they even blog, it’s with a focus on imagery and style. Real names are in. Brutal honesty is out.

I don’t know what blogging is like anymore in 2019. I don’t know (tap, tap) if anyone is even here to read this. What I do know is that I need an outlet. But I don’t need an outlet to take perfect pictures.

So. Basically anyone who reads this probably knows who I am, because well, you’re probably here from my Facebook page.

But for now, I’m keeping things here simple.

Super ugly layout.

No pictures.

Just words.

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